Our company is looking for a Data Analyst who will manage the process of A/B testing and data analysis to become a focal point for our development team and stakeholders including CPO, CEO and Product Managers.

Skills to excel

•2+ years experience in data analytics;

•Proficiency in math, statistics, and probability theory;

•Strong systemic and algorithmic thinking;

•Experience with SQL and schema-design;

•Experience with ETL tools;

•Knowledge of A/B testing concepts and tools;

•Experience with BI tools: Google Data Studio/ Microsoft PowerBI / Tableau etc.

•Experience in building Data Warehouse;

•Strong data modeling skills.

What you'll do

•Manage and execute the process of A/B testing;

•Develop and automate reports, iteratively build and prototype dashboards to provide insights at scale;

•Conduct fast search for data-driven insights;

•Provide result interpretations;

•Conduct data analysis and make recommendations (e.g. what-if, cost-benefit, impact analysis);

•Work with engineering teams to develop new data measurement to aid in understanding product’s usage;

•Perform exploratory data analysis to find product improvement features that can drive additional value for users;

•Perform analytics requests.